Partner for accelerating value creation

SilverBox Capital targets opportunities to accelerate value creation, deploying capital where potential for growth and impact align.

Partners, Not Counterparts

SilverBox Capital is an investment and advisory firm focused on creating opportunities for value creation by being a value-added, differentiated and strategic partner.

Our team, including our world-class Advisory Group, has extensive experience in a broad range of sectors, situations and structure, through multiple economic cycles both in private and public markets. We look to leverage these collective experiences, expertise and relationships as a differentiator in all of our businesses.

We have a track record of creating value as operators, investors and trusted advisors.

We look for partners, not counterparts.


We are led by operators who have extensive experience in creating value in large, global enterprises


We have the ability to go both deep and broad in a wide range of sectors and situations



We leverage our exceptional networks and relationships with top-tier companies, investors and senior leaders


We have a track record of delivering success as operators, investors and advisors

our team

We are led by a senior leadership team with extensive experience in M&A, capital raising and investing capital, as well as creating value in operational roles. Our capabilities, reputation and deep relationships provide us with a differentiated perspective.


Our renowned Advisory Group consists of well-known, seasoned operating executives from various industries, giving SilverBox a unique advantage in its ability to add value as a partner.

We operate multiple platforms, leveraging our domain expertise, deep relationships and unparalleled access, with a goal of creating long-term partnerships.

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