We are an institutional SPAC sponsor focused on creating successful public companies

Institutional SPAC Sponsor

We are experienced sponsors of SPACs, leveraging our deep expertise in public markets as operators, investors and advisors of large public companies.

We believe SPACs have many significant advantages when compared to a traditional IPO process, which are enhanced by SilverBox’s capabilities.

Our Approach

Our SPACs focus on identifying companies that are ready, or will be ready in the short-term, for the public markets, with a proven business model, attractive market opportunity and financial track record. We do not believe “business plans” should be listed in the public markets.

We focus on situations where we believe we can help accelerate growth, by leveraging the expertise and experience of our team, including our Advisory Group members. In particular, we have a broad set of expertise in the public markets, not just as SPAC sponsors, but as investors in public companies, underwriters of public offerings and operators of large, successful public companies.

We believe creating a successful, long-term public company, whether via a traditional IPO, a “de-SPAC” transaction or a direct listing requires more than just a successful initial listing event, which is why we enter into any situation with a long-term partnership mentality. 

We look for partners, not counterparts.

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